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  • Monday June 25, 2018

Hired as models, minors lured into cyberporn

Cebu City – The Children’s Legal Bureau is investigating reports that minors who were hired as models were asked to pose naked for cyberporn sites.

Noemi Truya-Abarientos of the Children’s Legal Bureau said she received a complaint about young girls being lured into cyberpornography.
Abarientos admitted it is easy to convince the girls because they are offered substantial sums.

She said the people who recruited them introduced themselves as talent scouts.
Photos of minors make their way into sites that cater to foreign nationals, Abarientos said.
In the latest case of cyberpornography, a three-year-old boy who was a victim of Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC) was rescued in Lapu-Lapu City last February 26.

The boy’s mother admitted to have sexually abused her child in front of a camera in exchange for money.

Lesley Caminade Vestil, Manila Bulletin