Join Ami and Abu as they explore the digital world!

Episode 1: The Internet is Good and Bad

Episode 2: Protect Your Online Privacy


How you treat strangers in real life everyday is a good example of how you should treat strangers online.

If you don’t know the person in real life, you don’t need to talk to them.

  • Don’t text or call back.
  • Don’t agree to meet them anywhere.

If you don’t know the person in real life, don’t tell them anything about yourself.

WHY? They may try to find you and hurt you or your family and friends.

  • Don’t give your name or your family members’ names.
  • Don’t give your home or school address.
  • Don’t give them your phone number or any phone number of your family or friends.
  • Don’t send them any pictures of yourself, your friends, or family.
    If your mom or dad gave you a credit card or bank card for emergencies, don’t give them the numbers on the card.


How you treat strangers in real life every

On the internet, there are many things that everyone can see or read. It’s like an open window into everyone’s house where everyone else can look in.

What you show online can be seen by everyone, even strangers.

But some things are just for you, and should be nobody else’s business.
For example, you wouldn’t let a stranger look into your bathroom while you are taking a shower. You probably wouldn’t even let your mom in (except to get the toothpaste)!

Some things can be seen by your family and friends, who are people you trust. For example, you sometimes invite your best friend to look at some toys in your room.

This is called “privacy”. Only you can decide how much to show to your friends, family, and strangers.

When you are online, it’s the same rules.

Make sure that you look for the privacy settings on all the apps that you use, and apply them in the same way you would let people into your house. Strangers out, close the curtains!


It’s fun to put a lot of stuff on your profile, but make sure you never put your home address, birthday, phone number, or a picture of yourself in “public” setting. Your real friends and family already know those. It’s also a good idea to use a nickname instead of your full name. Your friends and family will know you by your nickname after all!


Keep your posts set to friends and family only, and never tag your location in your posts, because strangers may find where you are or where you usually go.